About Us

Before we started the Musicality Store, we noticed for musical theatre fans like ourselves, that there weren’t many options for quality products. If we liked a show, we could only get generic merchandise at the venue for a premium price or scour the internet for cheap knock-offs made with no care and attention, produced solely for a quick buck.


Fed up with crappy options, we thought it time to take action. 


As Christopher was pricing up punny greeting cards at his “day job”, the notion of 246 Don Juan! popped into his head. After having a bit of a chuckle, he spent the rest of the afternoon coming up with more witty musical mash-ups. By the time he returned home, Christopher was determined to take his idea further. All he needed was an artist. Thankfully for him, he was already married to one. Convincing her, on the other hand, would be a feat. Allison was dubious at first, but as he passionately explained, she grew just as excited. But, she had one condition: “What we create must be high quality designs that we would want to buy ourselves. If it’s not good enough for us, it’s not good enough for other musical theatre lovers.” 


With that, we stared work on our first piece Annie, Get Your Gun’.


In less than 6 months, we’ve already added almost thirty watercolour paintings and more than fifty t-shirt designs to our catalogue. Our newsletter subscriber-base is slowly growing (and if you want to join the rest of the theatre lovers already signed up, click HERE). In May, we launched our Patron Loyalty Membership, offering loyal customers exclusive discounts otherwise unavailable, along with the ability to earn points towards purchases. In June, we teamed up with popular theatre critic West End Wilma and the National Autistic Society to provide an exclusive range of branded designs to benefit the charity.


For Edinburgh Fringe 2019, CCM is producing Christopher’s one man show which is currently in the writing stage. There are plans to expand our Fun Fact Series into a full walking-tour book of the West End, complete with watercolour pictures for many of London’s most popular theatres. We would love to eventually partner with a new musical theatre production, designing their artwork and merchandise.


We hope you will join us in our crusade (to quote Les Miz!) against shoddy merch and make musical theatre a fashionable place for all.



Musicality Store create beautiful hand-drawn, hand-painted watercolours of all things theatre. Based in Glasgow, UK, Musicality Store are a husband and wife team. Christopher Rowney trained in musical theatre at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and has worked as an actor and musician around the world. He has also worked in the corporate side of West End theatre as UK Sales Manager for Encore Tickets Ltd. Allison Rowney hails from Austin, Texas, and is the main talent in this partnership as the extremely accomplished watercolour artist. Allison also works in the film and television industry throughout the UK. As well as sharing the surname of the great international art brand, Daler-Rowney, Christopher and Allison have 2 cats – Louis and Mika.